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Oil Water Separator

  • Waste Oil Collector Waste oil collector is a widely used oil water separator device.
    Our waste oil collectors are optional in modes and available in large numbers. If you have chosen the right waste oil collectors and have them installed correctly, you are completely free from worrying about the oil slicks in the condensate water...
  • Oil Water SeparatorThis series oil water separator is generally working together with the air compressor to achieve a better result. The oil water separators are capable of removing the dust, water vapor, oil-mist in the compressed air effectively.
    Air inlet pressure: 0.2~1.0Mpa
    Air inlet temperature: 5℃~65℃
    Diameter of filter hole: 5μm...
  • After CoolerThis after cooler, a kind of corollary equipment to an air compressor, can cool and condense the high temperature and compressed air produced by air compressor into dews, and the dews can be dried effectively by drying plant afterwards. There are two types of after cooler widely used. One is water-cooled after cooler. It is characterized by compact size, high cool efficiency and easy operation, and is especially suitable for dealing with high temperature, high humidity and heavy dust conditions. The other one is air-cooled after cooler, which is specially designed and produced for less water and water-free conditions...

Oil Water Separator

As a device of separating gross amounts of oil and suspended solids from wastewater, oil water separator is widely applied in the industries of oil refineries, petrochemical factories, chemical factories, natural gas processing factories and other industrial sources. Besides, oil water separators are also used to separate oil from the bilge water of ships, and to quicker and easier cleanup oil leak in electronic substations.

We are a professional manufacturer of oil water separators based in China. Our oil water separators fall into different categories, such as waste oil collectors, oil water separators, after coolers, and more. These products are of excellent properties and reliable quality, and they have been sold to over 120 countries and regions, such as the USA, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, etc.

For inquiry and order purposes, please feel free to contact us at Shanghai Xinran Company.

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